three days to go

this year, tenmoregirls' 3rd annual exhibition, girls around the world, starts on this Thursday 9 Sep from the 6pm to 8pm at Gaffa Gallery, 281 Clarence St. Sydney CBD.

i was a kind of unprepared, disorganised, worried, freaked out and stressful...cause this time was such a bad timing...which i didn't realised when we scheduled and made decision our exhibition...
on same week which is in this Sat. there is an open day, an annual big event in design centre enmore, and my father in law was here in Sydney for about two weeks that meant i couldn't do anything...so it was intensively hectic....-.-;;;

but thanx (for myself) i finally made it today anyway for the exhibition...hopefully everything goes alright and after the opening night, i just need to come back to my normal pace, relax...and enjoy...

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