setting up day on the 8th of Sep.

some may be already aware of that how strange when you finally made and displayed works that you've spent for about a year... to be honest, i've started to think my theme for this exhibition when i heard from bernadette last year in Oct. and of course developed and refined my 'house' concept for a long time. Initially my idea got started from when i began to look around houses for myself and realised that there are some features, textures & shapes aren't shown in Korea where i am from. Typical house structure in Australia like terraces isn't existing in Korea and i found it's quite interesting aspect. then i thought about my home country's architect and decided to have three neckpieces which are inspired by architecture factors from different area; jeju island, sydney (metropolitan road where i walk mostly) and seoul korea.

1. jeju island is located on the south sea of Korea, where is still rustic. there are still many old style houses using straw for thatched house and stone for fence. I connected 925 silver roundy thinging representing stones with silk cord (straw) by twining 2 different colours of silk cord.
2. daily walk is directly inspired by my everyday life walking down metropolitan road in Enmore where i used to study and work currently.
It has a bit of hill and there are lots of old terraces which has various types of door, fence, windows, different colours for everthing and shapes and roof...etc. i used these diversity onto my neckpieces using 4 different kinds of wood and created 40 several front decorations with hand engraving and just simple skills.
3. skyscrapers fetures of typical building shapes in Seoul Korea; a high apartment in common, skyscrapers in city, planned street and skyline. This piece is configured on these elements out of brass, 925 silver & rubber.

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