stampede by richard burns

i had to go Pablo Fanque yesterday to see Francesca so i saw these interesting works there.
These are not really my style or stuff that i am creating, but it was very fun pieces using mixture of old, new and found objects. It also reminds me of Pierre's works. don't know why...maybe because of found objects & colour similarity?
anyway, good to see another nice works this week and refresh myself.

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Les' Silver :

Hey A mi, really great to see you at the markets today...& the ring...just facinating. The photos are on my little blog now, come & check it out:
Also about the one pendant we talked about today, I found the phote in your blog, here it is, not sure if you still have it, definitely am interested in seeing it...

Chat to you soon...


hello, leslie
it was great to see you again. it's pleasure to meet customer doing feedback with me! That pendant that you are interested in is in Korea at the moment but i will let you know when it's here and you can have a look if you still interested in later. Cheers!