art & design market at Kirribilli market

Now, it's time to confess that i've started to go market regularly selling my jewellery. I've been art & design market at Kirribilli twice and once at Glebe market.
Look at my small table!!! Photo was taken on first day of market. it's actually my little dress table and It was really funny looking as other stalls had at least 2m width & of course suitable tent & chair. My chair was so uncomfortable to sit all day long under sun.
My tiny tiny little table looked a bit poor but kind of cute at the same time...haha
I borrowed a proper table on second time but table looked a bit empty then. haha
hu~ i am still learning.
i actually had a good day yesterday as customers who looked at my stall last month and who i remember them too as we had conversation came back to me and bought some pieces.
It was glad that they still remember me and even said to me that they were thinking of my pieces over a month and came to the market again although they weren't sure whether i was coming or not. isn't that great?

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