review III

objects made in 2004 at stage 3
First project was for Sean/Catherine's and created 3xsmall objects and 3xbigger vessels inspired by my memory triggers like ring, box, letters which were simplified as above.
i was really fascinated by light from the end of stage 2 and tried 3 x lights at stage 3 in Robin's.
It was quite hard and stressful as making light was needed to consider not only design but also lighting component. so what i needed to was pretty much every parts had to be really acurate and also lighting system!!!!!
I remember Ki was a technical officer at this time and he really helped me a lot for setting lighting components and making chains...he still often says about chain...haha
sadly, i don't have many images that i made in 2004...i assuming maybe i was really excited visiting Korea afterwards...i didn't think much i reckon. oops.

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