balmain market

visited the balmain market yesterday. Here, balmain market, is very special place for me as i used to be here every sat in 2005. I still remember how hard it was but it remains as really precious experience.

i really liked here because it was quite peaceful market compared to others and good for sales, too. but what i felt yesterday was shocking and pathetic. The number of stalls were seriously shrank more than half and stuffs they were selling were nothing interesting and didn't tempt me at all. Although old stalls that i was familiar were still in same spots, there were many newish stalls having copied products (with much cheaper price) held by Chinese. It was terribly sad.

I found exactly same jewellery that belinda made selling $15 but it was $10.

maybe that's why Belinda is not going balmain market any more.

Jewellery is so easy to be copied...especially beads fashion jewellery.

Too many jewellery shops with similar products and lower quality

but cheaper price.

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